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The Freaky Friday Late Show, featuring The Scientist every Friday night @ 3:00 am to 6:00 am only on iJam Power Radio.


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Hey Chicago, Detroit, Gary, Naptown, South Bend and the rest of the nation... Pease Stop the black on black Violence, our future existence upon this planet depends on it.

Ignorance is normal for one who believes that denial is the truth   ~Taiwan Jordan  

Is it even possible nowadays to keep our youth busy with positive attitudes having low incomes?

Having to deal with a low or fixed income is very stressful by itself, but how do we do it when there are kids(especially young easily influenced teens) in the...
Another Quiet Storm with The Scientist

Sun - Thurs @ 2 am

Please Stop The Black on Black Violence in the Midwest and everwhere else! 

Put the guns down and unite for the sake of our future

A message to the youth:

Don't Let The Internet and the Entertainer defeat you!

~Taiwan Jordan

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Playing The Very Best Music Period!

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